Account Portal

Description of the account portal at Linnaeus University

The account portal is a portal for staff and students at Linnaeus University to retrieve and administrate their user account.

Processing of personal data

Transfer of personal data

Personal data are being transferred from the identity provider (your login service) to the service to ensure that you as a user have access to your information in the service and to provide you with a user-friendly interface.

When logging in to this service, the following personal data are requested from the identity provider you use:

Personal data Purpose Technical representation
Personal identity number To know who is logging in norEduPersonNIN
Level of trust Make sure that your identity has been confirmed eduPersonAssurance

In addition to direct personal data, indirect personal data are also transferred, such as which organisation the user belongs to and which identity provider has been used when logging in. In combination with the above personal data, these can be used to uniquely identify a person.

Other processing of personal data within the service

We check that your identity is a student or employee at Linnaeus University by retrieving information about you from the study documentation system or the HR system. If you are a student or employee, you will have the opportunity to retrieve your user account or reset your password.

Transfer of personal data to third parties

No personal data is transferred to third parties.

Lawful basis

Students and staff sign an agreement when retrieving the account at Linnaeus University. A user account is required for being able to study or work at Linnaeus University.

In order to be able to carry out our exercise of authority in a legally secure manner, we must be able to verify that it is the right person who retrieves their user account.

Right of access, right of rectification and right of erasure of personal data

For access, rectification and erasure of your personal data, contact the Personal data controller.

Rectification of personal data that was transferred at the moment of login has to be done in the identity provider that you use to log in. This information is corrected in the service at the moment of the first login after the personal information has been corrected in the identity provider.

Purging of personal data

Management for inactivation and sorting out user accounts at Linnaeus University is described in the document Account Rules for Linnaeus University.


Personal data controller

Personal data controller of processing of personal data is Linnaeus University, Sweden, 0772-28 80 00 or info@lnu.se.

If you have questions about how personal data is handled, contact info@lnu.se.

Contact information for the Linnaeus University's data protection officer can be found at: https://lnu.se/en/medarbetare/support-and-service/forvaltningsrattsliga-fragor/general-data-protection-regulation-gdpr/ .

GÉANT Data Protection Code of Conduct

This service complies with the international framework GÉANT Data Protection Code of Conduct (http://www.geant.net/uri/dataprotection-code-of-conduct/v1) for the transfer of personal data from identity providers to the service. This framework is intended for services in Sweden, the EU and the EEA that are used in research and higher education.